IPA options wrexham client testimony


If you're thinking about having an abortion, it is important to remember that abortion is a medical procedure. What type will you have? What are the risks?
Adoption comes with lots of choices, emotions and questions, many of which people are often unaware of until they explore further.
Parenting may raise challenges that seem impossible and causes concerns like finances, how will it impact future hopes and plans, or even how to tell your family.

You deserve to know the facts, and you owe it to yourself to make an informed choice. We can help you explore the facts surrounding your options, and give tools to empower you to make a decision.


All pregnancies bring emotions many people never realised they never had, but even more so when that pregnancy is unplanned. We offer support to individuals or couples who are experiencing unwanted stress or emotional and mental health struggles due to pregnancy.


Following abortion, many women experience relief, and life returns to normal. However, some women begin to experience negative emotions about their abortion months and even years later, including depression, anger, guilt, shame, regret and grief.  If you are feeling any of these emotions, you're not alone. Your situation is not hopeless. We are here to help, and offer counseling for those negatively affected by abortion whether the woman herself or those connected to her, such as partner or parents.


The loss of a wanted pregnancy can be very distressing, for the mother as well as partner. You are not alone in this, and we offer a post-loss support service for individuals and couples looking for a place they can process their emotions and receive tools for healing.